Mindfulness for Schools Program

For Kids and Teens from 6 to 16

The benefits of mindfulness

Children and teenagers are constantly distracted, they use social media, read emails and messages and use technology daily, often whilst doing other tasks.  This intereferes with their ability to stay in the present and to concentrate fully on what they are doing.  By introducing children and teens and mindfulness it's possible for them to learn how to stay focused and live in the present moment thereby enjoying more of what life has to offer.

Mindfulness means being fully focused and present, appreciating the present moment without judgment. This is achieved through example, breathing exercises and guided imagery.  Mindfulness is for everyone, there is no religious component to mindfulness. 

Research has shown that practicing mindfulness helps children become less anxious and more focused. This is especially helpful for children who experience anxiety, depression, have anger issues, bi-polar, ADHD or autism.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of mindfulness :


- enables children to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings and emotions

- helps increase levels of concentration, empathy and impulse control

- helps reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and even depression

- helps children be calmer, more purposeful, more decisive and patient

- alleviates worrying thoughts and fears

- improves confidence and self-esteem


The program is divided into two age groups ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 16 although it is presented for each class (grade) individually and consists of 8 weekly sessions.  Each session is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long.  Mindfulness workshops can also be arranged.  Please contact me for a quote as pricing depends on the number of students.


If you would like to introduce mindfulness to your students, whether at school, sports club, youth groups or homeschool learning centres, please contact me for more information.