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I have a teenage daughter who has bi-polar as well as ADHD. She is homeschooled as she does not fit into a normal school environment. She was very quiet and depressed and struggled with social skills as well as regulating her emotions. She started working with Sharon in November 2016. Within three months there was a definite improvement in her mood, she experienced less anxiety and was more open to people. She could also express herself better. She has learnt to plan and organize herself which helps her cope better with her school work. She is much more relaxed and easy going. She has even started making jewellery and selling it at a market.


E. Kotze

Wierda Park, Centurion

The above course (Emotional Intelligence Course) I attended under your guidance was terrific.  It was an eye opener in terms of inspiration.  Great lessons on personal development, effectivenss and individual happiness.  Lessons which one feels that they could be included in our school curriculum.


M. Mokone

Youth leader