About me

Hi, I'm Sharon.  First and foremost I am a wife and a mom to two gorgeous children.  Before becoming a certified Life Coach I was a stay-at-home mom.  Feeling frustrated as a parent I attended a parenting coaching workshop.  That workshop changed my life!  Shortly after attending the workshop I decided to become a Life Coach myself to help other women.        (To find out more visit www.rhythmandrhyme.co.za).  

Since then, I have obtained Diplomas in Life Coaching, Child Psychology, Cognivitive Behavioural Coaching, Mindfulness and Professional Counseling.   I am a life long student and continue to develop my skills through studying various courses to benefit my clients.

I believe we all want the best for our children.  We want them to become confident, independant, socially responsible adults.  We can do this by building their self esteem through developing their social skills and emotional intelligence.   My goal is to do this through coaching children and teenagers, helping them to develop self-awareness,  deal with their emotions, improve their interpersonal skills and build self-confidence.