Social Skills Building and Emotional Intelligence for Kids and Teens

  • Welcome to Kids Coaching. I believe that we need to help children navigate the world today. Children today are bombarded by the media, from what to eat, how to look and how to behave. Celebrities are becoming role models for our children. Unfortunately not all of them deserve to be in that position. I believe that we need to build our children's self esteem through developing their social skills and emotional intelligence.

    Some issues facing children and teenagers today include :

    - bullying
    - peer pressure
    - alcohol and substance misuse
    - family problems (divorce, separation)
    domestic abuse
    - financial problems
    - eating disorders
    - under-age sex
    - self-harming
    - low self-esteem
    - social and media perceptions of beauty and success
    - anxiety and depression.

    "Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden".

    - Author unknown

  • Research has shown that developing Emotional Intelligence helps us function in society, have healthy relationships, have better problem-solving and decision-making abilities as well as leadership skills. Children with higher emotional intelligence perform better in school, have strong support systems (family and friends) and are less likely to engage in risky behaviours.

    I am also a Mindfulness practitioner and facilitator. Mindfulness helps children and teens engage in tasks more focused in the present moment. This increased awareness enables them to experience life more fully. See the Mindfulness Program page to read more about the benefits of mindfulness.

    I am also able to coach your child/teen exclusively on specific issues such as anger management, building self confidence, bullying and executive functioning skills.

    Should your child/teen require counseling please visit